Star Air is the culmination of decades of experience in the challenging African aviation industry. Our company has evolved and grown over the years. Our CEO, Peter Annear, has utilised his vast experience in this market to ensure each iteration of the company has been tailored to take full advantage of opportunities in the African continent's rapidly growing aerospace market.

We have complemented our core wet and dry leasing business with a world class aircraft maintenance facility. We are now able to offer holistic operations solutions and support to airlines. This service allows airlines to focus their efforts on marketing and ticketing their routes. Our aeroplanes and personnel represent the airline's brand and provide their passengers with a safe and professional service.

Our vision has ensured Star Air has kept pace with the recognised international standards in terms of safety, best practice and service to our clients. Through extensive improvement programmes, we have ensured our staff compliment of over 80 trained professionals are able to deliver one of the best airline support services on the continent.

What We Do

We are based at Denel Campus, OR Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg. From this base, we at Star Air can offer our clients a number of tailored services

Wet Leasing of Aircraft

Dry Leasing of Aircraft

Aircraft Chartering Services


Qualified Cockpit and Cabin Crew

Operations Support

Aircraft Maintenance (up to “C” check)



Our Fleet


Our current fleet consists of four 737-300 aircraft. Each aircraft can be tailored to the needs of our client by configuring the seating to all economy or a combination of economy and business class. The aircraft are equipped with steps. We also offer a complete aircraft branding solution to customers who would like to achieve consistency between their fleet and leased aircraft

Our Clients (Past and Present)

We thank the following companies for their relationship with us



Peter acquired his first Piper Cherokee in 1992.  The aircraft was leased to a company in Zambia who purchased it outright in 1995. Over the next four years, the fleet increased in size to three Cessna 402's and one Cessna 404. We managed to negotiate a deal with DHL and flew freight for them between South Africa, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Malawi and Zambia.

By 2000 the company was ready to enter a new sphere. We acquired our worldwide non scheduled Aircraft Operating Certificate and became licensed to transport cargo and passengers.

Over the next seven years we acquired two Let 410's and two Dornier 228's. Our experience with the challenges posed by flying in Africa enabled us to rapidly grow into the air transport sector. We contracted with the World Food Programme for flights throughout Africa. We attracted the attention of various regional airlines and by 2002 our portfolio would include having completed successful long and short term contracts in: Namibia, Cameroon, Gabon, Kenya, Sudan, Burundi, Tanzania, Seychelles, Mauritius, Zimbabwe, Swaziland, Congo, Benin and South Africa.
In 2002 we purchased our first 737-200 to operate a schedule for Air Tanzania. We evolved our core business and began to specialise in wet and dry leasing of larger aircraft.

By 2009 the need for our own maintenance facility became apparent. Providing our clients with a world class service had always been central to our vision for the company.  At the time,  contracting a maintenance service in the region was like “signing a blank cheque”. Star Air Maintenance was established to challenge this status quo. Through Star Air Maintenance, we now offer a “best in international standards” service in terms of quality, turnover times and cost efficiency.

Today, we present our fleet of 737-300's with pride. They are a testament to our success in trying times, of our mastery in a market which, although difficult, shows the blossoming of fruitful growth.