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Whether it’s our own aircraft or those of our clientele,
Star Air Cargo is an industry leader that settles for nothing less than
total distinction and the highest level of service excellence.


Star Air Maintenance workmanship is in line with international regulations that drive quality and safety at all times.


We’re always striving for five-star excellence, which delivers on time and in line with every expectation. Our team of experienced, SACAA-certified engineers, guarantee performance for our fleet, as well as the airlines who trust us to keep them going strong.


All Star Air engineers are licensed and type-rated on B737 and MD 80 series aircraft, allowing us to offer C checks, line maintenance, heavy maintenance, flying techs and maintenance planning.


We work closely with third-party AMO for wheel and brake servicing to provide limited third-party maintenance.

For more on our approach to service excellence and how we can help you,
please get in touch with us any time